Alliance Wars Cover

Alliance wars: Mafia and Falcon. Click here

Alliance wars II: Written by Falcon and Mafia. Click here

Gang Wars: Written by Falcon and Mafia. Click here

Upon the Razors Edge: Written by Mafia. Click here

The World of the Dark Side: By Falcon. Click here

Road to the Cup: By Tate. Click here


Alliance Wars IV: A New Era: Click Here

The Zombie Apocalypse: Click Here

Zombies: Click here

The Resource: Click here

  1. Good story guys. I like it. It didn’t seem like it would be that long but it must have been very time consuming. Just one question though, WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO BE THE ONE THAT GETS CAPTURED FROM THE BEGINNING?

  2. cuz u are tht guy

  3. This is Lexy

  4. Here’s what Falcon looks like.

  5. This is what Falcons scouts looks like

  6. Me(right) and Mafia(left) in our ultimate armor

  7. More pics of Lexy

  8. иïĢŧ๓คя€

    Tates Poster

    Mafias Poster

    Falcons Poster

  9. Sarahs Poster

  10. Goldeneyes Poster

    Alias’s Poster

  11. иïĢŧ๓คя€

    Lexys Poster

  12. ||¢яazувσу|| Hannah. Sistah of Lexy, partner of Alias.

  13. иïĢŧ๓คя€

    Goldeneyes NEW Poster

  14. |aℓιaѕ|[¢яazувσу]

    Thanks a lot for the mauling mafia. I hate you(D) xD

  15. LOL, IKR. He’s like on a rampage that is like so fictional and unbelievable. He can’t maul me though, because i’m indestructable and regenerative. lol, haha! 😉

  16. |aℓιaѕ|[¢яazувσу]

    Hannah iz a who- well, you know…

  17. |aℓιaѕ|[¢яazувσу]

    Lmfao, Tate finnaly will die =0

  18. I had a tear in my eye!?!?! what the heck!!!

  19. иïĢŧ๓คя€

    Falcon make a new chapter

  20. Selena was… Humping Falcon. e_e


  22. Thanks for killing me off =/

  23. ¢яazувσу


  24. ₦ιǥнтмคяє

    The current base!

  25. ¢яazувσу

    Ahh, Sully. Oh, yeah, its Alias.

  26. Whoa, wild ride all this…

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